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days three and four: Dover and Durham, NH

day three

After a pleasant night's sleep in Dover at the PLAN-tern households, Ben and explored abandoned WWII bunkers with the PLAN crew along the southern coast of New Hampshire. Alex Freid, PLAN's co-founder and executive director gave us an exemplary tour.

Apparently, during WWII one of the most important naval bases to the US armed forces was located just up the Piscataqua river. They built up the mouth of the river with defenses, ironically near the closest town "Portsmouth." The bunkers are out of commission now-- and have been for quite some time-- but their size and depth still impress the passerby with the naval history.

day four

I received a not-so-surprise-visit-but-equally-as-exciting visit from my girlfriend Tessa and her best friend Eleni yesterday that left me pretty bubbly. They're on their way to Europe today to get some post-graduation jitters out in Europe. Tessa and I talked for a while down by the river in Downtown Dover before I conducted some interviews with PLAN organizers Alex, Faye, and their wonderfully friendly intern, Aryn Aiken. Looking forward to sharing their stories here soon. Still teaching myself audio along the way.

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