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day eight

My legs hurt.

100 miles on the road from Southborough to Tolland State Forest in the Berkshires.

At one point I stopped by a graveyard on a hill (at about mile 87) and contemplated death. Was it necessary for me to keep on going? Was afraid to take a nap because I thought someone might just stop and bury me. Decided I didn't want to attract the attention- that way.

The last 15 miles of the trip nearly took me 2 and a half hours to finish. Frickin' Google Maps [for bike] took me on the most obnoxiously hilly roads and traveling down dirt pathways for 7 miles. Pain. Real Pain.

When I got to the State Forest I was told that the campsite was full and nearly fainted. Fortunately I met a family on my way in that had already reserved an extra spot because they had one more person with them than they were allowed to put on one site. Steve, if you're reading this, you were more of a savior than you know.

Steve and Andy, the two folks who let me camp on the adjacent lot they had previously rented were incredibly nice. Regardless of where you are, they'd like you all to know that Massachusetts People are the best. I agree.

They fed me some of their kielbasa and potato chips and then I cooked myself a potato over my stove. Incredible company-- and superstar Dad's. They had taken their kids out camping with them and were pulling all the stops to make it a good time. Were grooving to tunes blasted over a portable speaker. Couldn't help from bobbing my head.

Looking forward to biking to Ghent.

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